We Offer a Variety of Structures to Suite Your Recquirements

A good strategy takes time and obsession to build. Our team eat, drink and sleep trading strategies. We theorise, develop, test and then retest. Systematically updating our strategy as we go. Markets change, so we change with it.

In trading, as in life. We must adapt or die.

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We have the skills to integrate latency specific environments via API, MQL, Integral or Currenex from our trading platforms into the necessary market counter party.  Coding is part,of the every day journey here at Quadron.

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The direction of our development can be lead by our partners at times and we do not only concentrate on FX.We also have the expertise to work with our peripheral strategiesin CFD single stocks, futures and Gold.

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We are spread over the Atlantic, so keeping latency in mind we have systems located in New York, Paris and London.We are built with back ups and up time in mindas we understand the imperative importance of preventing interuptions.

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The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.



1-6 trades per day, during all 24 hour  sessions.


Up to 1000 trades per day using low latency environment.


A mixture of trading velocity with up to 100 trades per day.

Avenues To Help Your P&L Excel

FX G10 Currencies


CFD Single Stocks and Indices

Commodities including Gold and Oil